Friday, January 27, 2012

Thanks a snot.

This has saved my life this week. I'm so grateful that I feel it needs a blog post, so I never forget how it has changed my life. Evie and I have had a cold this week. I think neither one of us would have slept this week and Evie would not have drank anything without this fabulous invention.
The amount of snot you can get out with the nosefrida is amazing. I have thought about using it on myself a few times this week to help with my own congestion.

And since I am on the subject of useful baby items, I'll add this little gem. Makes solid feeding so simple and easy (cheap the cost of baby food is ridiculous).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bye bye 2011

Yes, I know the last time I posted Evie was 6 weeks. I should just give up on this blogging thing once and for all. But, I really have enjoyed looking back at what I've posted, even if it is very little. I'm 29 now so, I need all the help I can get remembering what happens in my so called. I've decided to just enjoy what I can get even if it is only quarterly posts. With these 2 little girls I have 2 goals (1) survive (2) have fun. I'm definitely not accomplishing even half of my "to do lists" and I have come to accept that and almost do away with those lists all together. My girls are healthy and happy and so am I, what more could I ask for.

Evie had her 6 month appointment today. Shots are the worst, period. It was sweet to see Diem concerned for her lil sis and giving her hugs and kisses to make her all better. Anyways, Evie is the same size as Diem at 6 months.Stats : 17.5 lbs 27 inches. Well almost, she is 1/4 of an inch shorter. I know all the measurements don't really matter or predict anything, but I'm surprised she has caught up to Diem since she started 2 lbs smaller and 2 inches shorter at birth. 6 months old is great. I like all the stages, but I really love it right now. Both her and Diem are in really fun stages. Bret and I have been saying things like "you two should just stay this way for a little bit longer" "no need to grow up anymore, we have this stage figured out". Evie sits up, rolls around playing with toys, and interacts with us through smiles, giggles, and loud jibberish. I'm enjoying her being non mobile for a few more months. How do you baby proof with a 2 year old? I'm dreading it. She started eating food a few weeks ago. So far she is digging bananas, avocados, and oatmeal. Prevacid is still our best friend around here. The 3 months Evie has been on it have been much easier with no nursing strikes and happy memories associated with food compared to the 3 months without were we suffered through 4 nursing strikes lasting up to 4 days with aversion and fear towards eating. It so great having a baby around, they bring such a sweet spirit with them.
Nick names thus far: Evie Bell, Eves, Evers, Everskeever, Blue Evie

Sometimes Evie looks just like Diem and other times not at all. She probably just looks like her because she wears all the same outfits Diem wore. But, I think we can all agree DM and EV are sisters. And I'm so happy for that. Seriously, these girls have a friend for life. In no time they will be choreographing dances, getting dirty in the backyard, playing school and barbies- I'm just thinking of the fun things I used to do with my sister, little BZ. I wasn't planning on having kids so close, but I'm really glad I did (I couldn't start saying that until Evie was about 4 months old). These two love each other and I know they will have so much fun playing, teasing, and fighting with each other as they grow up.

Diem is so sweet to Evie and is the best helper. She tells me all the time "I love my sister, mom". She gives her a binky and burpy when she is sad because that is what Diem likes when she is sad. She runs into Evie's room when she hears her saying, "Evie's awake" and then climbs up on her crib. Evie's smiling is so big, she couldn't be any happier than when Diem comes to play with her in her crib.

Diem is a 2 year old, what more can I say. She brightens up my day, it is so refreshing to see the world through a 2 year olds eyes. I will be so sad when she stops galloping and running around everywhere, I wish I had that much energy. She still does not like to be the center of attention, but wants to join in on the fun. Especially, if the fun has to anything to do with her beloved cousins. She finally goes to nursery on her own, Hallelujah. It only took her a year. She really has grown up these last couple months into a big girl. Some fun things she says right now: " what you saying about" "i need to tell you something" "i love you so much" " what doing today" "where going tonight" "Evie touch my curls". And finally at 2 1/2 she decided to smile for the camera instead of running away. We now have a lot of the classic "cheese" face pictures.

We deal with "no" a lot and her wanting to do everything her way and by herself. Giving her choices helps, but by nap time I start running out of tricks. Thank goodness she is still a good napper, we both value our sleep and alone time.

Christmas was a success, so much fun with kids. Diem understood the whole Santa Claus thing, but didn't care about what presents she got. She just wanted "toys". It was so nice to enjoy some family time while Bret was on break for 2 weeks.
Some pictures from October and November.

Halloween: Diem was SuPer GiRl!!! Evie was 4-month old Diem.

Some recent pics of EV. She's beautiful!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Week 6

Happy, Smiling, Talking Evie.
Yes, I kiss this sweet face all day long.

The first of many sister pictures with almost matching outfits.
The Bergstrom Babes survived their first week without Dad around. It was priceless having Bret around for the first 6 weeks after Evie's birth. But, life goes on and I'm learning how to juggle a 2 year old and baby. Who wouldn't want to hang out with these two cuties.

Before Baby

Before the baby arrived Diem and I spent as much time as possible playing.
Outside of course
Diem practiced for her baby sister's arrival by taking care of her baby dolls.
And Diem got a new room!
It's our new favorite room in the house.

Week 5

We are into the second month of being a family of 4. The girls are adjusting well. Probably a little better than me and Bret, but we are coming along.

Evie and Diem wore the same outfit on their first day at church. Who's who?

Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011
Evie- 2 weeks Diem- 26 months


Evie Bergstrom
July 11, 2011
5 lbs 11oz