Friday, January 27, 2012

Thanks a snot.

This has saved my life this week. I'm so grateful that I feel it needs a blog post, so I never forget how it has changed my life. Evie and I have had a cold this week. I think neither one of us would have slept this week and Evie would not have drank anything without this fabulous invention.
The amount of snot you can get out with the nosefrida is amazing. I have thought about using it on myself a few times this week to help with my own congestion.

And since I am on the subject of useful baby items, I'll add this little gem. Makes solid feeding so simple and easy (cheap the cost of baby food is ridiculous).


Amber @ Posh Ideas said...

I have heard those are amazing!!! I'm so sorry you've been sick! I hope everyone in your house gets feeling better soon.

scharee said...

Davis was sick this week with a fever and snot too. He also cut a tooth. I know "they" say it's not caused by teething, but it had to be connected. Vicks rub and steamy showers worked this time, but I'll remember the nosefrida for next time.
I love the kidco grinder. Especially for meats. I used my magic bullet today to make some green beans for davis. It's awesome too.
Hope you guys are feeling better and able to breathe soon!

Alex said...

Love that nose frida. So weird and so amazing!

Natalie said...

And she's back- love it! Your girls are so, so cute. Hope ya'll are feeling better:)

Alex and Jane said...

I have never heard of the Nose Frida, how does it work? The picture of the box makes it look like there is a tube going from the baby's nose to the mom's mouth. Is that accurate or am I misinterpreting it?

cbleeflang said...

Thanks for the advice. I am looking for any baby product recommendations.